We are global intellectual property strategists. We operate at the critical junction of international business, technology and law – and use our experience and insight as intellectual property experts to provide an end-to-end approach, aimed at getting the most out of our clients’ creativity. We apply our unique approach to help our clients identify innovation for global intellectual property assets, devise protection strategies to procure assets of the highest possible quality, and leverage those assets. To innovate, protect, and leverage.

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European Court Of Justice Ruling Limits Ability To Obtain Stem Cell Patents

October 18, 2011

In an important and potentially far-reaching ruling for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, the European Court of Justice ruled today that stem cell processes which require the use and prior destruction of human embryos are not patentable. The ruling is … Continue reading

Samsung, Apple Experience Highs And Lows As Patent War Continues Across The Globe

October 17, 2011

Last week saw several interesting developments in the worldwide patent war being fought by technology giants Samsung and Apple. The two companies are doing battle on multiple fronts across the globe, each asserting patents against the other covering various aspects … Continue reading

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