What We Do



  • Internal audits for identification of potential assets for protection
  • Analysis of current, legacy, or potential portfolio intellectual property assets for quality, scope of protection, opportunities for monetization


  • Analysis of internal processes and departments to determine where innovation originates and how to generate assets to benefit the business
  • Creation and implementation of strategies for systematic capture and memorialization of potential assets
  • Education of workforce/employees in recognizing potential value in their creative activities

Due Diligence

  • Analysis of intellectual property assets in acquisition, merger, divestiture, or other similar transaction
  • Evaluation of intellectual property potential in new venture or mature investment of capital


  • Internal audits on brand potential and methodologies to support building domestic and international brand value
  • Existing brand valuation audits for use of other intellectual property assets to increase value
  • Creation of global branding strategies for integrating trade names, logos, domain names, product identification, etc., supported by patent and trademark filings


IP Counseling

  • Internal investigation into existing protection strategy for improvement or change
  • Analysis of each potential intellectual property asset for determination of whether to protect and how it may add value
  • Implementation of filing strategies for maximization of IP value in different jurisdictions
  • Analysis of patent and trademark clearance searches
  • Clearance analysis for potential patent and trademark applications

Preparation, Filing, and Procurement of IP Assets

  • Invention Disclosures
  • Drafting domestic and international patent applications
  • Preparing trademark applications
  • Filing of patent and trademark applications in the United States and around the world
  • Representation before United States Patent & Trademark Office
  • Coordination with local counsel for representation before national intellectual property offices in countries around the world
  • Registration of copyrights


Revenue Recognition

  • Counseling to determine an appropriate revenue recognition strategy to protect investment in technology and intellectual property – license, enforce, sell, etc.
  • Analysis of competitive marketplace for Identification of potential partners for licensing
  • Negotiation and preparation of licensing agreements
  • Audit and management of intellectual property licensing in complex portfolios with multiple licensing agreements, deadlines, reporting requirements, royalty calculations

Dispute Resolution

  • Counseling to formulate offensive and defensive litigation strategies
  • Litigation in federal and state courts throughout the United States – intellectual property litigation is an unavoidable part of the business cycle
    • Offensive: as, we investigate possibilities to enforce your patents and trademarks in against infringement by others
    • Defensive: representation/coordination of defense against attacks by competitors or non-practicing entities

Business Transactions and Technology Transfer Agreements

  • Structure, negotiation, and implement of intellectual property transactions and investments for clients ranging in size from small ventures to large public companies.
    • Examples of business transactions, whether involving complex intellectual property issues or not, include:
      • Joint Ventures
      • Strategic Alliances
      • Asset Purchase and Sale
  • Negotiation and drafting of web/Internet commerce agreements related to domain names, hosting, website content, application service provider (ASP)

  • Negotiation and drafting of preliminary or other agreements supporting transfer and development of intellectual property, including non-disclosure agreements (NDA), memorandums of understanding (MOU), exclusive negotiating agreements, letters of intent (LOI), beta agreements, term sheets, publishing agreements, entertainment-related contracts


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