Privacy Policy

Lazaris IP, Inc. respects the privacy of its personnel, clients, and other third parties. On its web sites, Lazaris IP, Inc. collects and processes certain personal information for its educational, networking, marketing, social, recruiting, and similar business purposes.  Such personal information that is voluntarily submitted is not shared with entities outside of Lazaris IP, Inc. other than appropriate service providers who assist in carrying out these business functions. Such personal information is not sold or transferred outside the control of Lazaris IP, Inc.

In general, Lazaris IP, Inc. provides individuals with the right to opt-out of receiving marketing and other discretionary communications, and to update, supplement or delete their own voluntarily submitted personal information which the firm uses for the previously noted business purposes. Lazaris IP, Inc. provides appropriate and reasonable physical, procedural and electronic information security measures to protect such personal information that is submitted to the firm.

Personal information that is voluntarily submitted to Lazaris IP, Inc. online, via electronic communication, or otherwise, may be maintained or accessed in servers or files located in the United States, which the European Union has not deemed to provide “adequate” privacy protection. If you do not consent to having your information processed and stored in the United States, please do not provide it to Lazaris IP, Inc.



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